What is hydroseed? It is a process of mixing a high quality grass seed, starter fertilizer, a wood fiber blend of mulch, and a glue type tackifier with water and sprayed onto your soil.

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Why use hydroseed? Hydroseed is a great option for seeding your yard. The mixture binds the bluegrass seeds to the soil better than plain seed and straw, and the fertilizer gives the seed better nutrients while it takes root, helping the bluegrass to germinate quickly. The wood fiber mulch helps to hold 10 times its weight in moisture on the seed bed, with moisture being the key element to promote quicker growth. It is a much less expensive option than sod and it yields a great looking bluegrass lawn.

Why have Bison Bluegrass do my hydroseeding? Bison Bluegrass owner Rick Gorczyca has been caring for lawns in western New York since 1993. Rick comes on site to give you an accurate free quote, and Bison Bluegrass' hydroseeding services always include the first fertilizer treatment. And we do something many others don't: we tailors a kentucky bluegrass mixture to the needs of your yard-full sun, mixed sun and shade, or mostly shade. Talk to our clients and you'll learn why so many new home owners are turning to Bison Bluegrass for their lawns. Call Bison Bluegrass at (716) 655-SEED to discuss your needs and concerns.

What kind of grass seed does Bison Bluegrass use? Bison bluegrass tailors the bluegrass seed mixture based on the sun your yard will receive. The mixture includes several types of kentucky bluegrass and rye grass. Usually in new home construction with full sun we use a 50/50 blend. The very high concentration of bluegrass will keep its dark green color, has outstanding disease resistance, and very good drought tolerance. For other homes with variable amounts of shade, we will use one of many other seed blends to suit your needs.

And for the horse and wildlife lovers in the area, Bison Bluegrass also has a full line of forage seed.

How fast will my lawn grow if I use hydroseed? The grass should begin to come up in 5 to 7 days depending on soil temperatures and moisture. Your lawn should be ready to mow in 3 to 4 weeks.

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