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Bison Bluegrass offers many other lawncare and maintenance services to assist you in having a beautiful yard all year long. In addition to hydroseeding, we also offer the following services:

Lawn Care Calendar

late winter:

apply grass seed to bare spots or sections

early April:

apply seed if needed (if you need to treat weeds, seeding should probably not be done at the same time)

weed control--depending on weed types, some should be applied before growth appears for the season. This includes crabgrass.

apply first fertilizer

late May (approximately 6 weeks after prior fertilizer)

apply weed control as needed (consult with your lawncare specialist, as some types of weeds should be treated in May and again in September, and others earlier, as in April.

apply second fertilizer treatment

midsummer (June and July):

fertilize 6-8 weeks after most recent application

early fall:

aerate turf

apply seed to bare spots

do not apply fertilizer--recommend against doing so at this stage to avoid a lot of new growth resulting in snow mold.

apply weed control as needed (remembering that new seed doesn't respond well with weed control)

Control broadleaf weeds, caution when applying weed control and seed

late fall (November):

apply last fertilizer treatment of the season (optimally not a slow release formula)


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